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Form & Control

August 24th 2012
We are releasing a limited edition vinyl of 'Form & Control" on Amazon

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Phenomenal Handclap Band to release limited edition vinyl version of Form & Control.

Phenomenal Handclap Band are very much alive and kicking, and starting this week with the limited vinyl version of their acclaimed sophomore album, Form & Control (released earlier this year on Tummy Touch Records), they've got a busy release schedule ahead of them.

This summer was tough for most bands touring Europe, with many festivals either cancelled or rained out.  After a scheduling conflict forced Phenomenal Handclap Band to cancel a few dates on their recent tour, rumors began to circulate that the band had split. In fact Daniel Collás, the creative force behind PHB, had returned to the tour's starting point in Stockholm to hang out with acts such as The Amazing, Dungen, Sibille Attar (who had joined the band for June's tour), Ludwig Bell, Life on Earth, and Gentle Clouds, and establish a temporary base in the wooded outskirts of Stockholm to work on music.  After soaking up the electrifying Scandinavian summer, Daniel has been inspired to make bold changes to his band, and return whole heartedly to his NYC underground club culture roots. "The indie rock scene was not something we ever meant to be a part of in the first place, but it's easy to lose sight of your original intentions once you get swept up in the excitement of something like that. Taking some time off in an amazing city like Stockholm showed me how different a music scene can be, and at the same time it was similar enough to New York to be a sort of alternate universe. I was exposed to their unique take on pop music, and learned a lot about their psychedelic musical ancestors.  The refreshing attitudes of the people combined with the midnight sunsets and enchanted woodland scenery was inspiring, to say the least. I've returned to New York with the realization that the Phenomenal Handclap Band should take on whatever shape best fits the music and individual performance, whether it's a DJ set, a 4 piece band, a synthesized orchestra or something else entirely."  

Watch out for PHB's "Flying Unicorn" DJ mix coming in the next couple of weeks.

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